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Push Notifications

Ably can deliver native push notifications to devices using, amongst others, Apple’s Push Notification service and Google’s Cloud Messaging service. Native push notifications, unlike Ably’s channel based pub/sub messaging, do not require the device to maintain a connection to Ably as the underlying platform or OS is responsible for maintaining its own battery efficient transport to receive push notifications. Therefore, native push notifications are commonly used to display visual notifications to users or launch a background process for an app in a battery efficient manner.

Beta notice

Ably’s push notification service is currently in beta. Please bear in mind:


REST API specific documentation will follow before the push notification service moves into GA.

In the mean time, please use the Realtime API as it is identical to the REST API apart from some subtle differences in languages where the Realtime & REST APIs differ in their style (callback vs synchronous for example).

View Realtime Push Notification documentation

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