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Smart Notifications

Ably’s Smart Notifications offers a less intrusive and more effective way to notify your users with native iOS, Android and browser notifications. Instead of delivering “dumb” push notifications to your users when you wish to get their attention, Ably allows you to deliver messages based on a user’s connection state, their active device and their current context within your application. This means you can send less but more effective notifications to your users. Find out more.

How do Smart Notifications work?

Each Ably pub/sub channel can have one or more devices registered to it, and every device registered can be assigned a client identifier (i.e. they are an identified client in the Ably system).

When a message is published on a pub/sub channel, a smart notification payload and rules can optionally be included with the message. When the Ably service receives a message with a smart notification payload, it will do one of two things:

Find out why we believe smart notifications will be the next evolution of messaging.

Key features

Beta acccess

The smart notification service is being released in two phases:

Phase 1 – “Simple” notifications (live now in beta)

“Simple” notifications allow developers to publish push notifications to any number of devices registered to channels, or directly to devices or users via our API.

Find out how to start using Ably’s push notifications now

Phase 2 – Smart Notifications (coming soon)

Smart Notifications extends the “dumb” notification service, our global platform, and our unique stateful design, so that notifications are delivered to the right device at the right time. Get in touch if you’d like to be notified when Phase 2 is in beta

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